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About The Viyug

The Viyug was founded in the year 2020 as a platform to publish cutting edge analysis and reports on topics pertaining to defence and strategic significance on South Asia. Click below to know our story.

Short Reads & Periodicals

Read our regular periodicals and articles of geopolitics, foreign policy, security, military, terrorism, and strategic nature.

A Strategic & Defence Research Publication

The Viyug is a strategic & Defence research publication focusing on producing premium level of journalistic articles & papers with a special focus to geopolitics, military, foreign policy, politics, terrorism, & intelligence.

Latest Publications from The Viyug

Click below to view the latest books, monographs, and other publications. All of our publications are available in E-copies, Paperback and Hardback to purchase from (Amazon) Kindle, Apple Books, and Notion Press (for India) and The Viyug.

The Viyug’s Consulting Division

Formed recently, this particular division delivers tailor cut solutions to meet the clients’ needs on publishing matters, business engagements and analysis*, Education* etc.

From the Founder’s Desk

Our Standard Consulting Packages and Offers

Get a quote on the services offered by our consulting division and make your dream come true!

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Deploying our curated services for your publishing needs.

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Get expert help career guidance, jobs, universities and related matters.

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Threat analysis

Get curated threat analysis reports and insights for your business.

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The Viyug

A Strategic & Defence Research Publication

By Anirudh Phadke

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