Jus ad Bellum and Global Terrorism- The Viyug Issue Brief #2

By Johnny B. Davis

About the issue brief

The Viyug issue brief is usually published quarterly by the researchers and contributors of The Viyug on selected geopolitical events ranging from War, Military/Foreign Affairs, Strategy and Geo-Political Opinions. Our second that is issue #2 features Johnny B. Davis, an International Law Attorney, Army National Guard JAG and Instructor at the Liberty University Helms School of Government.

This particular issue brief titled “Jus ad Bellum and Global Terrorism”. The writer has written it in a perspective for a reform of American foreign policy and on the use the force.

See the Cover Image

The cover image depicts the globe being threatened by various weapons which is a symbolic representation of global terrorism.

(The opinions expressed in the Viyug Issue Brief are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Viyug)

This issue brief is free to download. Hit the button below and start reading.

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About the Author

Johnny Davis is a Constitutional and International Law Attorney, Professor at the Liberty University Helms School of Government, and an Army National Guard; Judge Advocate General (JAG). He practices International and Constitutional Law in the Washington DC area. He has an LLM International Law from Liberty Law School, an MDIV in Church History from Liberty University Seminary, a JD from Cumberland, and a BS in Government from Liberty University. Instructor Davis is also a writer for the Falkirk Center at Liberty University.


Published by The Viyug

Th Viyug (A Strategic & Defence Research Publication) is an digital and print media publication producing cutting edge analytical research papers, opinions, rebuttals and other forms of writings on various disciplines of international affairs.

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