Research Papers on Defence and Strategic Studies Vol. 1- Strategy, India-China Affairs, & Cross-Strait Relations

About the book

Research Papers on Defence and Strategic Studies Volume 1 & 2 is the finest collection of research papers, Op-Eds, critical analysis report, and other essay formats written and compiled by the author. This volume includes a guest contribution by Binita Verma.

This volume contains the following chapters;


Chapter: 1- The Evolution of Strategic Thought

The essays under this chapter are;

  • Are any of Mahan’s Principles of Sea Power Still Relevant in the 21st Century?
  • Finding Modern Day Relevance in ‘The Art of War’.

Chapter: 2- The Analysis of Defence & Security Policy

The essays under this chapter are;

  • The Viability of Deterrence Strategies in the 21st Century.

Chapter: 3- Indian Ocean Security

The essays under this chapter are;

  • Special Article by Binita Verma: Convergences and Divergences in India-China Relations.
  • Colombo Security Conclave: Is it a new Minilateral hostile to China in the Indian Ocean?
  • Finding Deterrence Strategies Deployed in the Indian Ocean Region.

Chapter: 4- India’s Foreign and Security Policy

The essays under this chapter are;

  • Examining India’s Stance on Rohingya Crisis
  • How successfully has India tried to manage the tensions between its strategic partnership with the United States on one hand and its strategic partnerships with Iran and Russia on the other?
  • Would you agree that the India-China rivalry is best explained by the concept of “security dilemma”?

Chapter: 5- Cross-Strait Relations

The essays under this chapter are;

  • Taiwan’s Strategy to Reduce Economic Dependence on China
  • Paper/Article Review- “Ambiguity, Economic Interdependence, and the US Strategic Dilemma in the Taiwan Strait” written by Scott L. Kastner, published in Journal of Contemporary China (2006), 15(49), November, 651-699.

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About the Author

Anirudh Phadke holds a Master of Science in Strategic Studies from S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Defence and Strategic Studies from Guru Nanak College (Autonomous), Chennai. He also holds a certificate in Terrorism Studies from RSIS, NTU. He is the founder and editor of The Viyug. He can be contacted via email at

Binita Verma is a Ph.D. Scholar of American Studies program in Jawaharlal Nehru
University (JNU). She is currently working on “American and Russian Policies towards the Geopolitics of the Arctic Region” as her Ph.D. topic. She did her M.Phil from the same department on “US Policy and Perspectives towards Arctic”. She has completed her Masters in Politics (with specialisation in International Relations) from JNU. She has published articles on topics related to Arctic Region, US-China, Geopolitics of Arctic and Indo Pacific related events. Her primary interests pertain to US foreign policy, international geopolitical developments, India in Arctic and Russia-China-US relations.

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