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The Viyug membership is essential if you are passionate about international affairs, defence, geopolitics, public & foreign policy, strategic studies with premium quality research.

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Why Become a Member?

Exclusive access to live events with industry experts

Add your voice to the debate, attending The Viyug’s member only access events (mostly online) with high profile speakers and subject matter experts.

Shape our development and thinking

Your membership helps ensure our independence. Challenge our speakers in an atmosphere of informed, respectful debate and ensure our work is rigorously tested.

Powerful networking opportunities

Expand your network by meeting other members from diversified fields such as business sectors, government, NGOs, academia, and other individuals, through our events and social media.

Subscriptions to our publications

Browse our unique collection of publications, discover a world of knowledge through our digital and print publications and enjoy its access.

Help shape our future

Our employees shape the future direction of The Viyug. As a member you have exclusive role to play in decision making which shapes our oncourse of our organisation.

Membership Options

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Individual Membership

Provides you with the complete ‘The Viyug’ experience, connecting you with a unique global policy community.

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Corporate Membership

Provides your organisation with access to our exclusive events and unique network of industry leaders and experts.

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Gift Membership

An ideal gift for those looking for the complete ‘The Viyug’ experience, connecting them with a unique global policy community.

Upcoming Member Events

Click here to reserve your spot or become our member now to receive first priority access to all our events.

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