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Career Consulting

Experience the guidance of the Editor of The Viyug who is a young talent with 3 years of domestic experience and 1+ year of international working experience at an international organisation based in Singapore.



Ever heard of a research analysts working closely with a nation’s armed forces? Do you want a rich career in public policy? Do you want to work for international organisations? Do you want to work towards strengthening national security? All you need is a right educational background, smart planning, and an excellent career consultant for guiding you. Do not worry, you have landed at the right place.

‘The Viyug For Education’ from our editorial team is the first of its kind in India solely curated for career & education consulting in the field of international relations, political science, defence & strategic studies, terrorism & security studies, intelligence studies, and for similar courses at all the levels (Bachelors, Masters and PhD). Not only setting up your phase in a new enriching education path (both in India & abroad), The Viyug also helps you in securing internships and job careers in the above stated course both in India and abroad. We provide you with all the information and help you needed to set up your pace in this field. If you are an educational institution, visit this link instead.

Disclaimer: The Viyug’s editorial team are not the typical consultants who will spoon-feed you information and whatever needed. We believe in helping you bring out best version of yourself but your cooperation and understanding matters the most. We do not tie up with any universities/schools/colleges nor outsource any reviews. We are 100% committed to you once you reach out to us. We take your request only if we believe we are able to fulfil it.

What we offer you via this programme

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Education Consulting/Coaching

Specially made for those graduated from higher secondary (11th & 12th) grades and equivalent. The Viyug identifies/helps your goals and objectives to match in our specified field of studies.

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Career Consulting/Coaching

Get a personalised cutting edge one-one career consultation if you are a student enrolled or graduated in our specified field of studies at any levels. (Bachelors, Masters & PhDs).

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Professional Academic Services

We can help you and provide you all the information you needed for an college application ranging from identifying to writing winning SOPs & resume to filing it successfully.

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Advanced Education Guidance

We make your dream come true by studying abroad and higher degrees. Our specified field of studies need a lot of extensive research and smart planning to make it happen. The Viyug will serve as your pillar in this regard.

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Consultation- Research Studies

Are you looking to write a research paper, report or Op-Ed of academic or business nature. Don’t know where and how to start? Need expert guidance on constructing the paper? The Viyug has all the expertise you need.

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Customised learning solutions

We are constantly expanding our expertise and area of focus to cater the needs of rapidly growing businesses and industries. Coming Soon!

Watch our Sizzle Reel on Education/Career Consultation

We offer wide variety of packages and plans to cater the needs of Individuals, Educational Institutions, and Businesses/Enterprises.


Career/Education Consulting- for Defence & Strategic Studies, International Relations, Political Science, Intelligence & Security Studies and similar courses at all levels.

Career/Education Consultation

Whether you have finished high school, enrolled in (defence & strategic studies, international relations, political science and similar courses) or recently graduated student from any recognised university looking for a rich/rewarding career path in international affairs, research analysts in think tank, government, NGOs, Private Sectors and those suitable for your educational background to fulfil your dream? You are in the right place. Book an appointment with us and we will answer all your clarification and questions in a 45-minute call/online meet platform.


Note: Please complete payment portal and also reserve your spot using the calendar above for confirming your appointment. Kindly note that if you are an Indian visitor (viewing from/within Indian territories) to this webpage click here to book an appointment.

Why you should choose us?

If you have reached this far and already enrolled in the studies that we are talking about, a huge applause for you. Not everyone can take a unique and different track in their life. Getting into your choice of degree and college/university is only the beginning. As the studies we deal is based on current geopolitical happenings which are subjected to change from time to time; it is not a piece of cake to grab internships and job offers that are directly related to our stated field of studies. Most of the students do not realise how quickly time flies and before they realise to take any decision, the burden of finding an career opportunities fall on their shoulder.

While most career consultants and job fairs do not know and include job opportunities of our field their inventory, The Viyug takes your long-term career growth very seriously with complete outcome/results. We designed this program to help you prepare in months ahead in advance so that you can land in your dream internship or full-time job in India.

This programme package is for you if you fall under any of the following categories;

  • You are in the final year undergraduate degree programme enrolled in international relations, defence & strategic studies, political science, security studies, and other related courses.
  • You are recently graduated (not more than 6 months) from Bachelors and Masters of above specified field of studies.
  • You are currently enrolled in Masters Programme from any recognised university/colleges in India and in the above specified field of studies.

More than Words

In a nutshell, we have mastered the art of knowledge and expertise on internship and job hunt in this field of studies. We cannot wait to share it with you. ‘Learn to hunt Internship Programme’ offers you;

  • 5 classes (mostly on weekends) 1 hour each. You can select your own time slots and we deliver in it.
  • How to build effective Resume, LinkedIn Profiles, Cover Letter, & Writing Samples etc.
  • Prepare for internships and job hunts.
  • A mock interview and real application filing for internship openings.
  • Exclusive access to industry grade resources.
‘Learn to Hunt Internship Programme’.

I’m sold out, need this program right now? Click here to fill a form and then proceed to book your slot.

Any queries can be put to us via email to or send us a message on WhatsApp.

Book your slot now @ Rs. 4999 7999.

the viyug for academics

As a digital and print media publication focusing on producing cutting edge analysis on foreign policy, geopolitics, defence, strategy, and much more, we cannot wait to help you on passing our mastery in writing an academic research paper, a journalistic article or an Op-Ed, or a research proposal for applications.

Choose us and excel in your academics today. Any queries, reach out to us at

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Professional Academic Services

Get experts guidance and opinions for preparing career/university applications ranging from identifying to writing winning SOPs & resume/CV till filing it successfully. We can deliver you all the expertise you require.


Research & Advanced Education

Are you looking to write a research paper, report or Op-Ed of an academic or business nature. Looking for an hint on drafting and where/how to start and end? Need expert guidance on constructing the paper? We have all the expertise you need.


We have designed our services to be suitable for users related to international affairs, defence & strategic studies, political science, public policy, and similar fields. Thus, we recommend you to reach out to us via email at to pitch us your idea if you not sure on your needs. Upon completion of payment we will be in touch with you shortly. Kindly note that if you are an Indian visitor (viewing from/within Indian territories) to this webpage, click here to reserve your spot.

For Educational Institutions, Schools, and other Academic Bodies

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Career Guidance Talks and Webinars

Hire the Editor of The Viyug to deliver his cutting-edge analytical and top notch career guidance talks for your students who are enrolled or recently graduated from international relations, political science, defence & strategic studies, public policy and similar courses.


The career guidance webinars will be conducted for an hour in online platforms of the institution’s choice. You may reach out to us via email at for clarifications and queries.
Watch our recent career guidance webinar for educational institutions on YouTube

For Private Sectors, NGOs, Governments, and other Business Institutions

Get in touch

Reach out to us by filling the form.


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