The Cataclysmic Anatomy of Chinatowns- Cuisine, Tourism, Drug Cartels and More

By Anirudh Ramakrishna Phadke (The Following article is a subscriber content and has the author’s original presentation available to download. No part of this piece has been edited to preserve the originality of the presentation.) We all would have wished to visit a Chinatown at-least once in our lifetime by watching those action Hollywood moviesContinue reading “The Cataclysmic Anatomy of Chinatowns- Cuisine, Tourism, Drug Cartels and More”

Comprehensive Analysis of Union Budget of India 2021 in Maritime Eyes

By Amit Kumar The eyes of 1.36 billion looked forward to our visionary Finance Minister Shrimati Nirmala Sitharaman on February 1, 2021. This Union Budget 2021 was way too peculiar than all the other budget presented to the Lok Sabha ever for not only it was wrapped up digitally in a ‘Made in India’ tabletContinue reading “Comprehensive Analysis of Union Budget of India 2021 in Maritime Eyes”

How far does the East Act policy reach?

By Carlos Cruz Infante In 2019 Latin American countries experienced the most profound social crisis since the reestablishment of the region’s democracies in the ’90s. Dictatorships prevailed in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba. In Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico -the three biggest economies of the region- populist leaders conquered the ballot-boxes. Peru suffered its worst political crisisContinue reading “How far does the East Act policy reach?”

The Great Indian Traveller

By S.R. Phadke Key Highlights He is non other than the great GURU- GURU NANAK SAHIB. In our School history books we read about Yuan Tzung, Bhahiyan, Ibn Battuta, Marcopolo, Megasthanis and among others, but never our own great Indian spiritual guru who travelled 28000 km in his lifetime. this series from The Viyug isContinue reading “The Great Indian Traveller”

Ship Building Industry in India: A Detailed Perspective of its Immense Capability

By Amit Kumar When we talk of the Shipbuilding Industry being restrictive to India, we find that it is only a mere 1.3% of the global vessel fleet that Indian Shipbuilding contributes to. It would be an injustice to not mention that the Indian Shipbuilding and Ship repairing Industry is existent since time immemorial. ItContinue reading “Ship Building Industry in India: A Detailed Perspective of its Immense Capability”

Crossing the Rubicon: The Indian Economy & its Challenges

By Sauro Dasgupta On 10th January 2018, the World Bank released its report on India titled, ‘India: Systematic Country Diagnostic ‘in Washington D.C. It projected the country’s growth rate to 7.3 percent in 2018 and 7.5 percent for the next two years. The World Bank’s report forecasted that India would continue to remain the fastest-growingContinue reading “Crossing the Rubicon: The Indian Economy & its Challenges”

Rejuvenating India-Malaysia Ties Needs Mutual Understanding and Confidence: An Indian Perspective

By Dr. Sampa Kundu and Ms. Arpita Singh Introduction It was November 1962 when the former Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman arrived in Kolkata on his way from London to Kuala Lumpur. Incidentally, this was in the midst of the Indo-Chinese border war and in that context, the prime minister was asked about hisContinue reading “Rejuvenating India-Malaysia Ties Needs Mutual Understanding and Confidence: An Indian Perspective”

Artificial Intelligence Revolutionising the Shipping in Numerous Ways

By Amit Kumar Change is the constant partner of a civilization. When a sector like shipping has the responsibility of maintaining a global supply chain on its shoulders, changes are inevitably induced. But when we talk of shipping as a sector evaluating modern techniques, we can say that the changes- vivid Artificial Intelligence modules- areContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence Revolutionising the Shipping in Numerous Ways”

Religious Riots in India: Localised or Widespread?

By Sauro Dasgupta Hindu-Muslim conflict in India is highly localised. 70 percent of Hindu-Muslim violence takes place in mostly a few cities like Aligarh, Surat, Varanasi, Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmadabad, Tanjore, Meerut, etc. Fortunately, India’s villages have been largely unscathed by the communal killings that have swept its cities. Dr. Steven Wilkinson and Dr. Ashutosh VarshneyContinue reading “Religious Riots in India: Localised or Widespread?”

Peace and Violence: An Analysis

By Sauro Dasgupta Any concept of peace includes the absence of direct violence between states — engaged in by military and others — in general and the absence of massive killing of categories of humans in particular. That’s why studying peace is important. According to Dr. Johan Galtung, the Father of Modern Peace and ConflictContinue reading “Peace and Violence: An Analysis”