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What Do I need to Consider When Choosing a Ghostwriting Firm?

The internet is littered with online writing and editing services, making it nearly impossible to sift through the scams and find a legitimate and trustworthy service. Here are some questions to ask when you’re vetting companies to ensure that you pick a reliable firm for all of your writing and editing needs:

  1. Is the price right? If it seems too good to be true, it is probably is. Developing a high-quality book can take hundreds of hours of work and requires a high level of expertise – don’t be tempted by third-rate writers who market “affordable” prices.
  2. Who owns the rights to the book? Its your book, which means that you should own the rights to your content. Be wary of ghostwriters asking for partial rights to your material.
  3. What is the payment agreement? You should always pay for ghostwriting services in instalments – never 100% upfront. After the initial deposit, you should make subsequent payments only if you’re happy with what the ghostwriter has written up to that point. You should have clearly defined milestones for payments to ensure that you and your writer know what to expect.
  4. Who’s in charge? Working with a ghostwriter is a collaborative effort, but you should have the final say on all content decisions. If a writer is unwilling to put your needs and requests first, then its not going to be your book – it will be theirs.
  5. Is the service confidential? This is YOUR book. A ghostwriter’s name should never appear on the completed manuscript unless you want it to be there.

Whatever service you decide to use, be sure to protect yourself. Make certain that you are working with a reputable company with experience.

What’s Typically Included in the Ghostwriting Process?

The ghostwriting process can be as unique as you and your book! There are basic elements that are typically included in every book, however, our ghostwriting services are tailored to your specific needs and can include anything you need help with, from planning to preparation to ghostwriting to publishing.

We can work with you as consultants and editors as you develop your content on your own, or we can ghostwrite the book for you, based on interviews and other information you provide with us.

In addition to information gathering via email and phone, a standard ghostwriting package includes writing, reviewing, and revising your content. We can also conduct in-person interviews, on-site visits, and independent research as needed. Our ghostwriting process is flexible, and we are happy to customise our service to best suit your personality, schedule, and publishing goals.

You can read more about the typical process here.

How Can I Determine the Level of Service I Need?

The level of writing or editing services that you need depends on the clarity of your content and the stage of development it is in. If you have a well-written manuscript that just requires a final polish, copy editing is likely the best option for you. Heavy editing is best for manuscripts that are early drafts or those that were either written quickly or by an inexperienced writer.

If you are looking for feedback on the development of your material, our critical review and analysis will provide you with in-depth input to help guide you through the writing process. For more collaborative consultation, developmental editing services will give you dedicated support as you develop your ideas – or your manuscript-in-progress – into a coherent, comprehensible book. If you need more extensive support with your content, we also offer rewriting and ghostwriting services that build off of existing material or generate new content.

Feel free to send us a sample of your work, and we’ll give you our professional opinion on which level of service will benefit your writing the most.

What If I Don’t Need Every Service Included in Your Comprehensive Packages?


Feel free to pick and choose which services you want from us. We can often reduce the pricing if you want to drop any of the services options. We’re happy to customise our services to meet your needs.

How much Do Ghostwriting Services Cost?

Every ghostwriting project is unique: our pricing is flexible, and it varies according to what you choose to include in your packages. Our comprehensive ghostwriting packages typically include writing services for the most manuscript, phone time with the ghostwriter, review by a senior editor, copy editing, an original query letter and synopsis, a personalised list of literary agents to query, and publishing consultation.

What If I Just Want Feedback and Consultation on My Book?

Our editing and consultation services are perfectly suited for writers who are looking to improve their work. We can give input at whatever level of detail you’d like – overarching feedback on the structure and concept of book, critical review on the flow and transitions, or copy edit text itself. We can also address specific issues, as per your request, in our review of your work.

I’m Not a Writer, But I Have a Great Idea for a Book. Can You Help?

Give us a call! We’ll help you bring your idea to life (book). We are passionate, and we have the experience you need to help you write your story. We can pair you with a skilled ghostwriter, editor, or consultant to coax your concept out into a fully formed work of art that you’ll be proud to call your own. Don’t let lack of experience hold you back from actualising a great idea!

I Know the General Topic for My Book, But I Don’t Know What Specific Ideas to Include. Can You Help Me?

Absolutely! Your ghostwriter can be intimately involved with the planning and development of your concept, and they can also perform in-depth research to augment and elaborate on your topic. We can conduct interviews with you and create an outline for your book based on your ideas that you can then refine and expand with your writer before the process begins.

My Book Requires Research – Do Your Ghostwriting Services Include This?

Yes, our ghostwriting packages can include research services. Whether your book requires basic internet searches or rigorous scholarly research, we have writers on staff who can conduct effective research and synthesise it into your book.

How Involved Will I Need to Be in the Process?

Your level of involvement is entirely up to you. You can opt to work closely with your ghostwriter, or simply provide them with basic information and let them do the rest of work. This is your book, which means that you have final say on the content; how and when you give your input and approval is your decision. We’ll work with you to customise the process so that it fits your schedule and preferred working style.

How Long Does the Ghostwriting Process Typically Take?

The duration of the ghostwriting process is partly up to you – the author! Depending on your schedule and desired level of involvement, your ghostwriter will develop material for you to review and approve on a weekly or biweekly basis. While every book is unique, on average, a 200 page or 50,000 word manuscript will take between four and nine months to develop. We can often rush these services for you if you need to meet a specific publishing deadline.

Are Your Services 100% Confidential?


Yes, of course! Our services are 100% confidential. We will never use any of the information you provide us for any other purpose, nor will we use the writing developed for your book ever again. We have a very comprehensive privacy policy posted on our website, and we also happy to send you a non-disclosure agreement.

Once the Book is Ghostwritten, How Do You Help with Publishing?

We know that the publishing industry can be daunting, especially for first-time authors, so we offer consultation and comprehensive support for traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing outlets. Most of our all-inclusive ghostwriting packages include an original and customised query letter or book proposal free of charge. This invaluable marketing tool will be used to promote your book to literary agents and publishers. Not sure how to find a reputable literary agent? We’ve got you covered – we’ll provide you with a list of genre-appropriate agents to whom you can send your query letter or proposal!

What Included in the Consultation Process?

Our consultants are available to discuss all aspects of your project with you, including planning, preparation, concept generation, organisation, development, style, tone, writing, editing, formatting, publishing, and more! Our consulting process is flexible and customisable to your needs and preferences. Consultation sessions generally take place by phone or video call but also include in-person meetings, if necessary, or just written feedback.

Once you’re happy with the content of your book, we can help you determine which publishing options work best for you and make your published book a reality!


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