Ghost and The Shepherd


Ghost and The Shepherd, an espionage and true crime podcast series brings you the world’s greatest intelligence and black operations ever orchestrated in the history of mankind. Join us in this podcast series as the host explores the mysterious world of espionage, politics, murder, thriller, crime, sex, drugs and more. Every episode discusses the story of a spy. What made them to become like that? What are their skills? In detail discussion of their decision to a particular action is ethical or not? We explore and investigate to split the facts from fiction. This podcast narrates you the never ever heard stories ranging from spies who died for their country and as well as those who defected their motherland because of money, ideology, coercion, or just plain revenge and ego. Get to know the greatest unheard spy operations carried out by experts from the top international and domestic intelligence agencies such as CIA, FBI, MI6, R&AW, ISI, FSB, IB and many other agencies. And, if you’d like to know more secrets, become a true fan of this podcast by opting for an membership and unlock the extended cuts and bonus episodes. This podcast is produced by ‘The Viyug’ (A Strategic & Defence Research Publication). Series produced and hosted by: Anirudh Phadke.

1st Instalment of the Series Coming Soon!

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