Individual Membership


Why become an individual member?

Individual membership provides you with the complete experience of The Viyug connecting you with a unique global community.

Our Individual Membership provides you with

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Exclusive access to live events

Add your voice to the debate, attending our member events (mostly online) with high profile speakers and industry experts.

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Powerful Networking Opportunities

Expand your network by meeting other members belonging to business, NGOs, government staff and other private sectors.

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Subscription to Publications

Access to all of our digital and print publications. Discover and enjoy a unique world of knowledge.

Full Membership

For people who are passionate about international affairs, geopolitics, foreign & public policy, defence & strategic studies etc and looking for complete ‘The Viyug’ benefits.

$190 a year + $25 to join


  • Access to all member events
  • Ability to invite up to 2 guests to events (*Subject to availability)
  • Digital & print subscriptions to our publications + including all newsletters.
  • Publish and engage in contributing your contents with The Viyug. This includes some advertising perks with us.
  • Access to The Viyug Consultation Services such as Publishing & Education. (*The Viyug for Business not included).
    • 10 rounds of consultation for publishing matters and full guidance in two E-book productions.
    • 10 rounds of consultation regarding education matters + 3x Academic Services.

Associate Membership

For young people starting out their careers who would like all the benefits of full membership but at a discount. Also for those looking to access our research, networking opportunities with our global community remotely.

$149 a year + $15 joining fees


  • Everything included in full membership at a valuable discount. (*advertising perks not included)

Student Concession Tier 2

For those in full time study our student concession offers the benefits of full membership but a huge discount.

$99 a year / no joining fees


  • Everything included in full membership at a great student discount. (*advertising perks not included)
  • You may be required to submit a proof of student status in-case needed. (Providing false information/proof can lead to termination of your membership and no refund processing for it).
You may reach us via email to for any queries or clarifications and for payments in other currencies.

How to Apply

  • Choose the appropriate membership type above;
  • To become a member, all mandatory fields on the form must be completed, and you must pay the annual membership subscription amount plus, joining fee (if applicable), at the time of application;
  • PayPal will be the default payment gateway portal for completing the payment. For assistance in different payment modes and currencies, please reach us via email at
  • During the application process, all members must complete a short personal statement of approximately 150-250 words (details are on form). We recommend applicants write their statement before applying and copy it into the form;
  • Please allow approximately 15 minutes to complete the form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is The Viyug introducing a paywall?

The Viyug provides comprehensive coverage of diplomacy, politics, security and society in Asia and beyond. We are asking our most frequent visitors to consider contributing to The Viyug so that we can continue to expand and serve our mission.

How does it work?

We are introducing a paywall for some of our premium services we offer on our website. If you choose those, you will be prompted to sign up for membership with The Viyug and get full access.

What do I get with this subscription?

As mentioned you will get Digital (including past ones) and Print (during your subscription period) publications including all our newsletters. Access and add your debate to all member-only events and many more.

Can i get refund for my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at anytime with us and still receive your chosen plan benefits until next payment cycle. We regret that refund will not be processed if you cancel your subscription. Student membership is only for full-time student. You may be required to submit a proof of your student status in case you sign up for it. Providing false information can lead to termination of your membership and refund process being cancelled. You may test and trial use our services and digital products here.

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