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Premium Publishing

Experience the guidance of a traditional publishing house with the freedom of self-publishing. *Right now we accept English manuscripts only.



This program is a hybrid publishing program curated by the publishing experts from The Viyug that gives you the best of both worlds- the professional expertise and guidance of traditional publishing along with the freedom of Self-Publishing. This program combines three powerful forces to create one great outcome- an innovative and multi-layered approach mixed with the rich experience that we (The Viyug) possess over years to provide writers with a platform to get their work out there and be seen by millions. In addition to providing all the benefits of traditional publishing (e.g., editorial, guidance, design, distribution), we also allow authors to retain ownership over their work and make money through book sales and even keep 90% profits generated.

The Viyug analysed and found that books related to politics, international relations, defence & strategic studies, war, and related categories were always considered one step below Fiction genre. Relatively very few books under this umbrella becomes a bestseller or even gain public attention. As a first of its kind The Viyug have curated this program to uplift authors and their books falling under this category.

Our Publishing Services is for you if you are;



Ambitious Writer/Researcher who wants to establish your brand by publishing your work world-wide.


Subject Expert

A subject matter expert on international relations, defence & strategic studies, political science, intelligence, geopolitics, and similar subjects.



An entrepreneur who wants to grow your business brand worldwide by publishing newsletters, books and briefings etc.


Reach Millions

A serious writer or researcher who wants to grow and make an impact on the world by reaching to millions of readers.

What you gain by enrolling in our premium publishing program

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Market Research

The Viyug experts will research the market to determine the best way forward for your book specifically and your objectives as an author.

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Publishing Plan

Get a personalised cutting edge analytical publishing plans that will help you identify all the services your book will need to make it reach to wider audience.

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Expanded Distribution

We help your book reach worldwide across 150+ countries and thousands of bookstores* via various distributors such as (Amazon) Kindle, Apple Books, etc.

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Publishing in all Formats

We make your dream come true by publishing your book in both eBook and Print formats of various sizes and versions to reach wider audience and make you sell more books.

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Complete Book Designing

The Viyug’s Editorial team have mastered the art of book designing. We will provide book covers, interior works, and other services as per your choice matching with market’s trends.

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Premium Book Marketing

The Viyug’s team will provide guidance and work on identifying your target audience building your book pitch and promoting it across all relevant channels to boost book sales and brand reach.

We offer wide variety of packages and plans to cater the needs of Individual writers, Educational Institutions, and Businesses/Enterprises.


Recommended Plans for Authors and Newbies

Consult with the Editor- Publishing

We are ready to help you on any questions or queries you might have regarding publishing a book or an article, choosing the right platform to publish, choosing the right format, publishing plan strategies and many more. We answer all your queries in a brief 45 minutes to 1 hour call on the platform of your choice. Once you complete payment, please proceed to book an appointment using calendar on the right side.


Digital Publishing

We will analyse the competition and help you plan, design, and publish a well to do eBook, which you can sell worldwide. We have curated this plan considering the rapid technological shift towards digital age. This package includes;

  • Expert to design your book’s cover and interior.
  • A personalised book marketing research and planning.
  • Sell your eBook worldwide through us and across various other platforms.
  • Get Amazon A+ listing and free copyediting up to 25k words.
  • Social media launch announcements.
  • Download the full package details here.

Digital Publishing


Standard Publishing

Publish your book worldwide. We help tell your brand’s story, increase your conversion rate, boost sales, and entice more readers. This pack includes previous pack plus;

  • Publish in Paperback and Hardback.*
  • Substantive Editing for 50k words.
  • Register your book’s copyrights with the Govt. of India or concerned authorities.*
  • Get Author’s Edition 10 b/w copies or 5 colour copies.
  • Run targeted ads on Amazon to drive traffic to your book’s page.*
  • Online book launch event.
  • Download the full package details here.

Standard Publishing


The Viyug Premium Publishing

The best of premium publishing to help you publish an impactful book and build your author brand. Get deeper editorial insights. This plan includes all previous plus;

  • Substantive editing for 80k words.
  • Run targeted ads on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other third parties to drive traffic to your book’s page.*
  • Get your book reviewed by industry experts.
  • Multimedia production. (Create spin-offs like podcasts or virtual dialogues based on your book.
  • Active book (asset) management.
  • Download the full package details here.

The Viyug Premium Publishing


For custom quote and clarifications, drop an email to us at

Other standard publishing packages

Book Designing


Premium Publishing Plan


Additional Editions and Formats



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Premium Publishing with The Viyug?

Premium Publishing with The Viyug is a platform for authors concentrating on various topics regarding international affairs from around the world. We provide services which makes it easy for you to create, publish, and distribute your book/magazines/newsletters in Print and and as an eBook.

Who owns the rights to my book?

When you publish with us, you retain all the rights to your book! We exist to help you reach the market via our distribution partners and act as a publishing label. We work with a non-exclusive publishing agreement meaning, we don’t own any of your content and you can even publish it elsewhere if you wish.

What is an ISBN and will my book get an ISBN Number?

ISBN stands for ‘International Standard Book Number’. Its basically a 13 digit identification number that booksellers and libraries use to identify books, magazines, newspapers, and other publications. Separate ISBNs are assigned for the paperback, hardbound, and eBook (optional) versions of your publication.

Can I track how many books I’ve sold?

You can track the sales of your book using our weekly reports sent your inbox. The report will notify your earnings, track payout, copies ordered, and others. We are developing and author to make this process simpler.

How many copies of my book will you print?

The inventory is Printed-On-Demand (POD) based on sales velocity to ensure that your book does not go out of stock. We work with various third-party printing services across the globe to make sure your book is printed and delivered to your buyer within the turn around time. This ensures that the latest version of your book is always available when readers order it from our Site or various eCommerce sites.

How are Author earnings calculated for print books?

Profit is calculated as the difference between the MRP and expenses incurred during the production and distribution of the book.

Profit = MRP — Expenses (Distribution Cost + Production Cost)

Writers who use our program for digital publishing receives 90% of the net profits from sale of each copy of the book while print distribution gets you 75%.

How often will I receive my Author Earnings?

Profits from print book sales in India: All print books sold via Indian eCommerce sites are reported through emails to your inbox as soon as orders are confirmed and determined for each month. Your earnings for each month is paid out within 40 days from the end of the month the sales are reported in. For example, all sales for the month of January are paid to you by the 10th of March.

Profits from International print book sales: Print copies of your book are sold via various international eCommerce sites and are updated to you via email every 90 days after accounting for any returns and taxes levied on the book in each geography where your book sells. Your earnings for each month are paid to you in the subsequent month.

For example, all international sales in the month of January are updated to you via email in the month of April and the profits from January are paid to you on the 10th of May.

Profits from eBook sales: eBooks are sold across the world by multiple retailers. eBook sales across various retailers and geographies are reconciled and updated to you via email every 90 days. Your earnings for each month are paid to you in the subsequent month. For example, all eBook sales in the month of January are updated to you via email in the month of April and the profits from January are paid to you on the 10th of May.

Email us at regarding your clarifications or for requesting a custom quote.

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