Beijing Consensus: China’s developmental alternative to the third world?

By Prashant Sahu Introduction The concept of “Beijing Consensus” (Beijing Gongshi 北京 共识) represents a set of ideas for economic development which tries to encapsulate the policies followed by China since 1978. In the wake of Global financial crisis (2008-09), this concept was promoted as an alternative development model, particularly suited to the Third WorldContinue reading “Beijing Consensus: China’s developmental alternative to the third world?”

Amateur Superpower of World Politics

By Subhash Bhambhu The US presidency proposed September 11 as the withdrawal deadline for the US and NATO forces to leave Afghan soil. The date is carefully chosen in remembrance of the 9/11 attack. In an interview with Yahoo News, former White House adviser Richard Clarke indicated that there is a high probability of collapsingContinue reading “Amateur Superpower of World Politics”