The Viyug’s Individual Membership Application Form


Please read carefully the following steps and fill the required details and proceed to payment gateway at the end of this webpage. If you find any difficulty in filling or completing the steps, please write to us at The whole process might take around 15 minutes.

Step: 1

Registration Form

Facing Difficultly in filling the form or submission didn’t happen successfully. Scan the QR Code or click here to access the registration form. Or write to us on email

Step: 3

Choose the payment option corresponding to the one you opted for.

Full Membership

For people who are passionate about international affairs and looking towards complete benefits of The Viyug.

$215 (inclusive of joining fees)

Associate Membership

For young people starting out their career & mid-career professionals who would like to get full membership benefits.

$164 (inclusive of joining fees)

Student Membership Tier 2

For those in full-time study and wanted to get benefits of full membership at a great valuable discount.


Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if my payment or form submission fails?

In case of form submission is unsuccessful we have provided a QR code and link to access it in a separate webpage. We kindly advise you to have receipt or screenshot of the payment given the condition it was successful or not, so we can better assist you in resolving your problem. Please email to us at we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

How much time does it take to review my application?

It usually takes 2-3 business days to review and confirm your application. It might take longer period in case your document proof or any information required is incomplete, inaccurate, or omitted. Delay in payments can also prolong review time of your application. Once we review your application, if accepted, we will send you a starter pack via email.

I am a member now. Whats next?

We could like to express our warm welcome to you. A starter email will arrive in your inbox. You are now a part of a rich international affairs community. You will get regular analysis and research papers’ updates directly delivered into your inbox. You get full access to the website and to our digital/print publications including offers. You get invitations to our events and networking opportunities. You can also contribute or engage in contents we produce. You also get access to our consulting services.


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