About Us


About Us

We are an independent and non-profit publishing (think tank) house focusing on strategic and defence research. We also aim to serve as a trusted forum for debate and dialogue. Our research and ideas help people understand and take decisions according to our changing world.

The Viyug helps people, societies, government agencies, NGOs, and private sectors understand and adapt to seismic changes of our world.

We have been providing thought leadership on key issues since 2020 regarding various themes on defence, strategy, public & foreign policy, international affairs, socio-economic affairs, intelligence, counter-terrorism, national security and many more which are shaping the current century. The Viyug is constantly helping students enrolled in the above subject matters regarding career consulting, free distribution of subject matter knowledge, and other academic services. We also shape businesses to adapt themselves to the era of rapid technological shift. At the same time we make dream come true for budding authors’ i.e., helping them in all publishing matters. Our research has helped in fostering healthy debates, open dialogue and ideas-sharing.

The Viyug (our main business) has been source of independent analysis, trusted dialogue and influential ideas for 3 year in a row. We continue to offer solutions to global challenges and actively seek to empower the current and next generation to change their world in a positive way.

Our Vision

Create a unique platform to young research analysts and professionals, encourage and engage them to express their views on geopolitics and strategic issues through unbiased analyses, sparking debates and also satisfying neutral readers. Bring together people and professionals across the world to share thoughts and project India and other nations’ points of view in emerging world order. We intended to enable and build peaceful, sustainable and inclusive societies. We are privileged to hold a long-standing position of trust on the world stage and we seek to use this to champion positive change for people everywhere. We do this through;

Our Mission

  • Provide a unique platform and an equal opportunity as a strategic research house to showcase and project India’s progress and powers as a new world order emerges.
  • Focus on contemporary geopolitical issues and strategic/foreign affairs in an objective manner to assess the impact on Foreign Policy, Defence and International Relations.
  • Produce finest of un-biased research + opinions in form of both online and print publications. Provide cutting edge analysis to clients on context of geopolitical future through verified open source intelligence and The VRI.
  • Enable our readers to develop a compressive understanding of Geopolitics, Defence Strategy and International Affairs.


The Viyug events offer unique access to thought leadership, best practice and insight from subject matter experts, policy influencers, and academia. We deliver webinars, conferences, and other key briefings that help connect diverse, engaged audiences and build momentum for positive change. We also enable participants at events to speak more freely and securely on sensitive topics.


Our independent, peer reviewed reports, research papers, Op-Eds, and briefings offer new ideas and policy recommendations on challenges facing the world. We also publish research in our highly regarded journals, The Viyug Strategic Digest and The Viyug Issue Brief. It showcases the latest news and opinion from our subject matter experts. We also publish podcasts and webcasts.


The Viyug provides authoritative commentary on world events through our network of subject matter experts. We inform public discourse by briefing individuals, media, government agencies, NGOs, Private Sectors, and general audience using clear analysis and accessible, multimedia content.


The Viyug offers emerging leaders and budding career professionals the opportunity to benefit from our subject matters via research and leadership mentoring. This is offered through The Viyug for Education (a premium program) curated for catering the needs of students, early and mid career professionals who are enrolled or work in industries related to international affairs, geopolitics, defence, strategy, public & foreign policy, terrorism & counter-terrorism studies, and similar courses/professions. We our internship programs to bring diverse perspectives and form a growing alumni network of future policy practitioners.

Our Departments

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Our Funding

The Viyug is predominantly a self funded site (from the founding-editor’s own pocket). Other sources include which contributes a smaller percentage includes research related and membership support. We kindly request you to support our mission which is critical to the independence of us.

Funding guidelines and Principles

To safeguard the continuing independence and objectivity of its research, events, publications and other outputs, The Viyug uphold the principles of integrity, independence, objectivity and accountability in accepting any funds. This approach ensures that all of our activities contribute to the organisation’s mission and public benefit obligation. We do not receive any subsidy or funds from the Indian government or any other source and adheres to ethical and moral fundraising practices.

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Our History

The Viyug has been a source of independent analysis, trusted dialogue and influential ideas for continuing three years since 2020.

The Viyug’s founder pioneered the unique and disruptive concept of an organisation dedicated to the study of international affairs. His vision altered the course of writing and publishing by the young minds. Founder himself being a victim, he wanted to break the tight sphere of influence held by strong forces of publishing bodies, as a result where many young minds struggled to voice out their opinions and writings.

Our history is one of the building understanding between people and driving world-changing policies. We continue to set a high bar to deliver positive solutions.

  • Year 2019.

    Our Founder, turned 19, got an idea to start a blog to continue his writing passion (on ancient Indian military strategies) despite his tight under-graduate degree schedule.

  • June 2020

    The blog named ‘Viyugam’ (Tamil word which means ‘formation’) is re-named into The Viyug. The blog is transformed into a much larger website expanding its research agendas and areas of focus. The Viyug publishes its first Issue Brief.

    September 2020

    The Viyug reaches 1 year milestone. Gets its first guest contribution from an writer based in Afghanistan. The Viyug crosses publishing 20+ articles. Publishes its 2nd Issue Brief contributed from an author based in the US.

    December 2020

    The Viyug gets more views from all over world. Publishes its first flagship yearly magazine named ‘The Viyug Strategic Digest.’

  • April 2021

    The Viyug gets its first woman writer’s contribution.

    September 2021

    The Viyug reaches publishing 50+ article milestone.

  • Year 2022

    New branches such as consulting firms are formed. Published 2 major books on Defence and Strategic Studies. Reached 3rd year milestone.

Primary Goals and Objectives

Driven by our long-standing vision for a better world, The Viyug’s mission and values underpin three goals for us to accomplish in this 21st century.

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Sustainable and Equitable Growth

Design pathways to sustainable growth that protect the planet and reduce inequalities within and between countries.

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Peaceful and thriving societies

Promote the rule of law over the rule of force, so as to reduce levels of human insecurity, enhance resilience and prevent large-scale conflict.

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Accountable and inclusive governance

Enable greater political accountability and more inclusive governance at global, regional, and sectoral levels.

Our Values


The independence of our thinking, as much as its creativity and rigour, is what makes it unique and influential.

Inclusivity and diversity

We ground our analysis and solutions in an inclusive approach. We bring diverse voices to the table to find common solutions to shared problems. We ensure our research and outputs are widely accessible, so people can develop their own voice in international affairs.


Collaboration is a core competence for our Staff. It inspires our relationships with associates, partners, supporters and members and help us develop global networks to find positive, durable solutions to policy challenges.

We do not take institutional positions on policy issues and owe no allegiance to any government or political body.

Our People

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Our Research Agenda

Our subject interests are dynamic and keep changing and evolving from time to time since we focus on world happenings. The paths to progress are complex and uncertain. Profound changes in power, authority, governance, & technology are taking place within and between countries, eroding trust, stability and the systems designed to deliver global goods and public services. These changes are taking place against a backdrop of existential risk for our planet and populations, demanding a fundamental redirection of global and national rules, systems and markets.

Our research agenda seek to identify key obstacles and risks to our goals and elaborate practical policy solutions to address them. We are examining new forms of international cooperation, engaging diverse global actors and exploring different tools and technologies to deliver our mission in a unpredicted world. Our research priorities include;

Future of Conflict

Exploring options to limit the impact of conflict on societies and international stability, including the return of large scale interstate conflict and the ways in which technological advances are changing ways of war.

The geopolitical impact of China’s rise in global ecological system

Analysing the impact of systematic rise of China and its influence spread over different regions and relating policy issues to help governments, private sectors, and civil society understand and navigate it.

The India’s role in the world

Identifying the priorities, partners and options for India to advance its interests and contribute to a stable, secure and sustainable world.

Realising Sustainability

Determining the risks and setting out the pathways to sustainable transitions in energy, land, forests and food, and how we can adapt the global economy to a low carbon world.

Reinvigorating Multilateralism

Examining the ways in which international institutions can reframe their purpose, inclusiveness and mechanisms to deliver global health, economic, digital technology and human rights governance.

Democracy that Delivers

Reassessing the relationships and responsibilities between states, markets and people to identify concrete policy options for renewed social contracts in Asian, European and African societies.

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