Uprising Local Militia and Intensity of Bloodshed in Afghanistan


By Nadir Shah Katawazai

Recently, several districts fell under Taliban control, and the intensity of war from both sides is increasing day by day. The government has changed their plan regarding war and has asked people to shoulder the Afghan forces. The Minister of Defence has urged people to stand with Afghan forces to crush the Taliban and will soon be given weapons to the uprising. The uprising has come out and takes weapons against antigovernmental groups.
The war becomes intense after the Doha agreement in late 29 February 2020 between the United States and the Taliban. The Afghanistan government was excluded from the deal, but the main agenda was based on four points, in which two very vital clauses. Firstly, the release of five thousands prisoner of the Taliban from the custodian of the Afghan government and secondly, intra-afghan talks between the Afghan government and Taliban. Despite the release of the prisoner but the intra-afghan talks still not commenced yet, which extensively increasing the bloodshed.

The U.S special Representative for Reconciliation Zalimay Khalilzad, was assigned and tasked to deal with the Taliban to finish the U.S longest war. The Khalilzad went to several countries like Pakistan, China, India, Russia, Afghanistan and central Asian countries to speed up the peace process and to reach a deal to stop the bloodshed. After passing more than one and half years of the agreement have not reached any suitable discussion. One of the significant improvements that we have seen after one and half years in the U.S administration under the Trump and Biden government that we should withdraw all our forces in September 2021 as per the deal.

However, now they have withdrawn around fifty per cent of their forces, and most operations are conducted unilaterally by the Afghan forces. As the withdrawal of U.S. forces commences the war, more damage to all sides like Afghan forces, Taliban, and significantly more casualties to innocent people were the targets.

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After the withdrawal of forces, the U.S.A has committed that we will continue to support the economic aid to the Afghan forces and government. The Afghan government have welcomed the U.S Aids and responded that we eulogize such an act of the U.S government with the Afghan government and say that the U.S is the strategic partner with the Afghan government in difficult times and longest supporting for more than two decades with the Afghan people and government.

President Ghani have several times requested to their neighbours especially to Pakistan to play its constructive role as Islamabad is fully endorsing the Taliban. Their sanctuaries are in the main city of Pakistan, like in Quetta and Peshawar city. Islamabad has robust control and grip, and Rawalpindi intelligence is playing its double game supporting the Taliban to avail its interest in Kashmir and Afghanistan. The Pakistani military has conducted several military operations in the Tribal areas in north and South Waziristan, but the Taliban activities are still at their peak.

Recently, the Exterior Minister of Pakistan, Shah Muhammad Qureshi, talks to the media that Pakistan has no control over the Taliban but can play an optimistic role for a stable Afghanistan. A Member of Parliament from North Waziristan agency Mohsin Dawar talked in Parliament a few days ago and retaliated to Qureshi remarks about the Taliban that He looks like the Foreign Minister of the Taliban, not Pakistan Foreign Minister he was defending Taliban in such away.

After the controversial election and parallel ceremony among Afghan leaders, Abdullah Abdullah becomes the Chairman of Afghan Reconciliation for Peace. However, there is still conflict on forming an inclusive team between Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah. The late formation of an inclusive peace team has slowed down the peace process, and the persistence of Taliban leaders to talks with the Afghan peace team has maintained the deadlock in the peace talks.

After withdrawal, the Taliban have seized several districts in various provinces. However, the government claimed that of the tactical reason we are living the districts. The fall of districts have created scepticism among the common afghan and worrisome situation that many have fear about the coming of days and thinking that what will happen next couple of months.

The withdrawal has neither only frightened the afghan citizens but has limited their activities of the foreigner. The foreigners have neither limited their travelling but advice their citizens to limit their activities without necessity in Afghanistan. The control of Hamid Karzai International Airport is handing over to the Afghan government, but it is too difficult for Afghanistan to handle easily.


The U.S and NATO have decided to hand over the Airport to Turkey. However, the Taliban have threatened the Turkey government and said that no one could take responsibility that it is contradicted with the early agreement with the U.S. the issue of Airport have even compel the foreigner to think to close their embassy.

In a nutshell, the local Militia should be biometric. The government has to strict surveillance on that as the Militia of Warlord Dostum and other groups toppled the late President of Afghanistan Dr Najibullah government. There is a question in people’s minds, and they fear how the government will control these militias after some months. There will be a direct fight between the People and the Taliban, which will deteriorate the situation, which will be very difficult for the government to control. It will further increase the war. The Taliban have threatened the leaders of Militias that those who involved in uprising people will be faced with much difficulty.

The uprisings have weakened the government positions and especially lesson the moral of afghan armies. The militia has stood with the Afghan army in more provinces. There is an urgent need for Pakistan to endorse the Afghan government and persuade the Taliban to agree on a Ceasefire with the Afghan government. However, the uprising will intensify the war not only within Afghanistan but will also damage the situation across Durnadline in Pakistan.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

Author’s Profile

Nadir Shah is from Afghanistan and has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and worked in the National Museum of Afghanistan for more than three years. He is currently doing an M.A in South Asian Studies (UMISARC department) at Pondicherry University, India. Nadir has written four articles which were published in the Afghanistan times newspaper and delivered more than 20 interviews to various TV channels during his job. He has attended many international conferences and national seminars abroad and inside the country.

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